5 Ways to Negotiate Anything

Negotiating is one of those life skills that it seems like some people have and some don’t. But – much like most things in life – negotiating can be learned. Here are five tips to help get what you want in life.

  • Make it a win-win
    Figure out how both parties are going to come away with something good and focus on that. 
  • Realize it’s expected
    Realize that negotiating is not only your right, it’s usually expected. Not negotiating can leave the other person scratching his or her head wondering what you were thinking. 
  • Know when to shut up
    Silence is one of the most powerful tactics if you know when to use it. Often, the more you stay silent the more the other person will talk and either give way or show their hand. 
  • Don’t be afraid to say no
    We like to be agreeable. It’s comfortable. But knowing when to say no and actually doing it lets people know that you demand the respect you deserve. 
  • Be ready to walk away
    If you’re truly ready to walk away, you have the power. Just know your position, and if you can’t afford to walk away, know when to quit. 
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