5 Tips for Better Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of a healthy life. Too little or low quality sleep can cripple your productivity and make your life a drag.

Like this poor little guy…


Try these 5 easy tips for a better night’s rest.

  • Train your body’s internal clock
    By going to sleep at the same time every day of the week you’ll get your brain and body on a schedule. This will help you go to sleep faster and wake up easier
  • Watch the how you eat late in the day
    Finish eating at least an hour before bed, and try to eat fairly light. Eating too late can overwork your digestive system.
  • Limit your late night screen time.
    If you must use your phone at night, see if it has a night shift mode to use warmer colors. Blue light at night as a real sleep killer. 
  • White noise or quiet
    Noises can disrupt sleep. If your environment isn’t perfectly silent, try a fan or other source of white noise to boost those quality sleep hours
  • Relax and let the mind wander
    Whether you’re the meditating type or not, clearing your mind and relaxing – even for just a few minutes – as you’re drifting off to sleep works wonders. Try to focus on your breathing or picture flying over a grassy field. Whatever gets your mind off those daily stresses, do it. 


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